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Giving to MSPP


Have You Provided for MSPP in Your Will?
If so, you have made a planned gift. A planned gift is one you arrange during your lifetime with the benefit to MSPP deferred to a future date.


Planned Gifts Are Vital to MSPP’s Future
Such gifts for MSPP’s future are a vital source for ensuring the financial strength, continuity, and growth of the School.


Planned Gifts Have Surprising Benefits for You
They can also serve as crucial elements of your estate-planning and tax-savings strategies.


Contact Us to Discover Creative Ways to Plan Your Generosity
If you wish to receive additional information on these and other planned-gift techniques, please contact us.

Most Popular Gift

With a gift through your will, your generosity will support MSPP’s work for years to come, but you don’t have to part with assets in your lifetime. More...


Life-Stage Gift Planner™

Taking your current stage into account is very helpful when planning your gift for MSPP.

Under Age 60          Ages 60-70          Over Age 70


The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, under IRS law, qualifies as a charitable and tax-exempt organization. If an individual makes a charitable gift to MSPP, that gift enables the donor to take an income tax deduction.

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Molly Brown
Development Officer
One Wells Avenue
Newton, MA 02459
617-327-6777 ext. 1231

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